GZAAT winners of the olympiad Bilingua

On the 25th of September, the University of Georgia held an Olympiad Bilingua in English as a second language. Some of the juniors from GZAAT took part and clearly, their efforts have not been in vain. Tekla Gagoshidze and Eduard Saakashvili obtained second and third places and won presents. The Scores were published on the 1st of October on the official website of the University of Georgia. The students were evaluated on a 120-point grading scale, 20 points out of which were given for the essay and other 100 for the grammatical and verbal assignments. Tekla scored 108 points and Eduard – 103. Four students of the AAT scored more than 100 points, and seven of them, Elene Lomadze, Elene Metreveli, Neli Tsereteli, Elene Kalmikova, Tekla Iashagashvili, and of course the winners, got into the Top Ten list and gained diplomas. We talked to Tekla and Eduard just after they learned about their scores. Tekla said she was very delighted but restrained herself from further comments. Eduard also expressed his pleasure: “I would like to congratulate Tekla and the winning contestant; I’m very happy that out of the top three, two were from our class.” When asked about the test he added: “the grammar part was not really difficult, but the essay part could have been clearer. As a result of the confusing nature of the essay question and rules many students lost points.”

The winners and the Top Ten students will soon be awarded their prizes and diplomas. Meanwhile, we congratulate all of them once more and wish them further success in life.

By Tekla Iashagashvili


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