New Teacher Alert: Godi Pruidze

Last year, after Lasha Kokilashvili’s departure, a new teacher was needed to take his place. After a tough selection period, Goderdzi Pruidze was chosen. GZAAT Gazette talked to him to find out why he’s the man for the job.

Q: Let’s start with your past. How did you become a teacher?
I started out studying architecture, which I was very interested in, but later, when I switched to a mathematical school (I needed math to become an architect)  it turned out that after having studied the subject deeply, I preferred mathematics, so when it was time to go to university I chose mathematics instead of architecture.
Q: What motivated this change in you choice of career? Was it the fact that you knew math this well or did you simply prefer it to becoming an architect?
At my new school, I started studying higher mathematics, which was completely different from the basic math which I’d been taught at my previous school. It was at this point that I realized how interested I was in the subject and made the decision to build my career around it.
Q: When you teach your subject to future generations, do you feel an obligation to do so or do you teach because you like the activity itself?
It’s a little of both, really. Of course, when you teach a subject, any subject, to someone, you feel that you are making a certain impact on their lives, and you want this impact to be positive and helpful to their future careers. Aside from this, the process of teaching, particularly the process of teaching math, is enjoyable in itself, as it gives you the opportunity to witness first-hand how a person thinks and reasons, and allows you to help them develop these skills. Also, I believe that being good at math can help you a lot in all walks of life.
Q: Do you believe that there are more than just practical reasons for studying mathematics?
Well, first of all, you are almost certain to need math very often in your life, even if your profession is in the humanities. When applying for a job, you may also be required to take a test in mathematics, so mathematical proficiency is a very valuable skill to have. Besides this, there are philosophical reasons for learning math, as it is an extension of abstract reasoning, which is something anyone can benefit from.
Q: When you look at our school its students, do you see any important differences between us and your experiences with other schools?
Of course, AAT students are much more motivated to learn something, and they are individualistic and driven by curiosity, yet they are also exceptionally cooperative, which is good for everyone.
Q: What do you think is the reason for this difference? Is it the school’s system or the quality of its students?
Of course, many kids come to this school with already above-average knowledge in many subjects, be it because of their previous school or private tutoring. But the system also plays its part. When students adapt to the AAT’s educational system, they can become much more successful than elsewhere.
Q: What would be your advice to those who plan on pursuing a career similar to yours?
First of all, it is much more difficult than most other fields, so it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Reading is important as well, and, last but not least, you must truly love and enjoy the subject you have chosen, as I do not believe in forcing anyone, especially yourself, to do anything.
By Eduard Saakashvili

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