Have you ever felt as if you were watching your life from aside, sitting on the bench and watching as it passes by? As if you see your mistakes, your happiness and your tears. Surprisingly, music of a certain band can make a person experience this feeling and one of those bands is called Landmark. For several years, Landmark has been creating the music, which is unique for Georgia and not only for Georgia, but for the whole world. The conception of Georgian music nowadays is quite mistaken, because when someone says “Georgian Music” everyone imagines Lela Tsurtsumia standing on the stage. But few know that there are bands, which are created in Georgia, by Georgian people and they are the ones who break the misconception of “Georgian Music”. Surely, Landmark is one of these bands. It is always better to get to know about the band directly from one of its members rather than through someone’s words, so let’s see what the lead singer of Landmark, Baski can tell us:

– Hi Baski, how are you feeling today?
– I’m feeling kinda philosophical, because I’m always feeling like this when the weather changes and winter is coming nearer.
– Winter sure brings some kind of mysterious feelings with it. So Baski, tell us about your band.
My band is the product of four people and their twisted minds. They turn everything that happens with them in life into music. Will it be hatred, love, grief or a sudden realization of indifference, everything can become a Landmark song.
– And who are those four members and how did you meet them?

– Well, members of the band changed through the years. The band has been reborn through the year. Well it was always me, Baski Asatiani, and Dato Abaishvili. Now we have a lefty guitar player, Jorj Gelashvili and the drummer, San. We met a long time ago in our past lives when we where forced to go to Vietnam and all got wounded. There in the hospital we learned to know each other and found out we all played instruments.
– And what inspires these four soldiers to continue their faithful mission?
– The four “desertirs” are inspired by the simple idea of making music, because that’s the last remaining thing on earth that we like to do…And…being paid a lot of cash, because money is all we think about, never the fans or some listeners. I’d sell my gra
ndma for money. (Laughing)
– Who is the main executor of a new song or idea?
– Well it’s mostly a collaborative process and many things come up while rehearsing or even in the last minutes of recording in the studio. Sometimes I go to my evil sisters to ask them if they like the song, cause they’re the only ones I trust fully.
– Which song was most liked by the 

evil sisters and which would you recommend your future minions to listen to?
– I can not tell you the things sisters and I are talking about, cause they always lose control and get angry, but I would recommend to every thinking individual to listen to our each and every song, cause they’re all like my children. All of the songs are of diff
erent styles, cause you people are going through many periods in life, it may be new metal/grunge in the beginning and indie, alternative, post punk and shoegaze in the end. Your ear for the music changes every time,  but the worst thing is that the quality of the music is changing as well…in the bad direction. Because every single one who has an internet access thinks he’s an artist. But don’t be afraid kids, we’ll stick around for a time and I hope for a long time.
– And let’s have the sweetest portion for the last, why Landmark?
– Simple, sounds good. The meaning and weight of the name changes with the band.
-Thank you Baski for your instructions. It was a great pleasure to talk with you. Good luck in the future.
Even though the members of Landmark are mostly concentrated on money and not their fans, somehow they still manage to gather quite a lot of listeners and at the time, they are one of the most popular bands in Georgia. Being attractive on the stage is one of their special abilities and most importantly, the music they create can reach everyone. After all, it’s their mission. Landmark, after standing on the great stage of Altervision Newcomers, continues its existence and soon everyone may see a CD, on which they will read already familiar name – Landmark.
You can find Landmark here:
By Shmagi Liklikadze, Ilia Tsiklauri

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  1. Anamari says:

    COOL :)))

  2. unsocialf says:

    appreciate ur work guys !

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