12th Tbilisi International Film Festival

All filmgoers and not only, unite! As December knocks on the door, we are reminded that Tbilisi International Film Festival is again taking place. Living in a city where not much happens, the international festival that unites the art of several countries can be considered as a big boom. Many of us have been watching Oscars or Golden Globes wishing to be there some day, but the bitter truth is that most of us will never be able to be there. But do not be disappointed friends, you have a nice alternative; you can visit Amirani Cinema from December 6 until 11 and see some of the acclaimed, as well as not very acclaimed movies. The festival program incorporates variety of films from different countries, including France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Russia, etc. The program for the Festival offers variety of choices, from widely acclaimed Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre to less known movies.
Of course the program also includes some of the Georgian newcomers as for instance Tornike Bziava with his film The Nest  and some other more experiences and famous directors as Salome Jashi with her Bakhmaro. The program encompasses not only newly produced movies, but also the ones from the twentieth century – A Swedish Love Story (En kärlekshistoria) directed by Roy Andersson. For those of you who wish to do something more than just sit in the cinema and watch a movie, festival organizers offer workshops from different directors and producers, where you can ask questions and find out about the experience of filmmakers.
12th Tbilisi International Film Festival launched on December 6th and will be offering diversity of films until December 11th. For those of you who actual want to do something on weekends, except for sitting home and chatting with friends can go and see a nice movie only for 3 gels.
You can also view more information on the festival’s official webpage: http://www.tbilisifilmfestival.ge/
By Mariam Lomia

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