A Little Story

After 4 days of being plagued by dreams of a farmer putting a
firebrand on my back, I finally slept like a little baby. Next morning
after arriving at the crime scene of a homicide, I did all the
customary procedures, but couldn’t help but notice the unscathed body
of the victim. This was quite unusual, because usually, I had the
evidence of death available right there, laying on the floor. The
victim was the president, or that’s what they called him. He was a
pretty unpopular figure in our country because of the strict regime he
enforced. In my opinion he was a hazard to the whole nation because of
his indifference for the working class. He considered them the slaves
and with this attitude he retarded the social and cultural
developments within the social class. He practically dissuaded every
young person in the working class from gaining an education and
because of this they had no choice. I believe that, the fellow had it
coming. I, my friends and probably all the working class had a mutual
indignant feeling that the removal of the “president” was an
indispensable act.  He started as a young entrepreneur who just wanted
to have a position in the government as well as a constant income, but
then he tasted power and moved up the ranks until he suddenly took
over the state without much commotion. Even though, for many his plans
were transparent, they couldn’t do anything about it because if they
had any objections , he would immediately pelt the leading officials
with threats and made the whole government run out of the senate.  He
always said that he would be the lubricant to the country’s great
clockwork. He and the remaining corrupt officials were poised to start
dominating this little nation with cruelty and tyranny.  The funny
thing is that when he was relatively unknown, he catered food to
nursing homes and gave all of his yearly savings to the house of the
elderly (which was raised 4 years ago and on top he built his 7 story
mansion). This “president” was my class mate, he was my friend… he was
the nicest person in the whole class. He studied hard every day and
night and let every single one of us copy his homework and tests.
Power has spoiled him and it is sad to see him here… my best friend
and twin brother, Michael…

By Levan Asatiani


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