Flash Mob

So, what is a Flash Mob?
A Flash Mob is a large group of people who gather at a public location to perform an action, which will surprise accidental witnesses. This performance should contain a certain political message, which people have to guess. After the task is completed they disappear as though nothing has happened. They are usually organized through internet, by social networks, emails, websites, etc. Organizers, of course, provide instructions for participants in a virtual world. These instructions include the date, time, and location, where it is going to be completed and an action which is going to be performed. Everyone can be a participant of this event. Age, sex, origin, none of these matters. One can just go there with friends and have fun.

The first flash mob was held in Manhattan, May, 2003. The author of the idea was Bill Wasik. He created an email and forwarded it to friends. Unfortunately, first flash mob was disrupted by police. The second one was planned, it was performed on June 3, 2003. People went in the rug store and said, that they were shopping for a “love rug”. Wasik wanted to be a part of “the next big thing”. That’s why he created an idea of flash mob. After, which people all around the world liked this unusual act and decided to continue this kind of performances with some new ideas. For example: 1.glee flash mob, which was performed in different parts of Seattle simultaneously, April 10. 2.Supermarket freeze flash mob in Manchester, where people just stopped moving for about four minutes. 3.Flash mob in London, where pregnant women were breakdancing. There were same flash mobs in Paris, Berlin, Utrecht and across Canada in 2008. It was the protest against  pregnant women’s healthcare in poor countries. 13,597 people danced thriller in Mexico on 29 of 2009 for Michel Jackson’s 51st birthday. Single lady’s flash mob in which women dancing “Single Ladies” stopped the traffic for celebrating Trident of its free Beyonce gig in November of 2009. There are a lot of examples like this, through the whole world.
Flash mob is also known in Georgia. It is not that popular in our country, but still there are few performances. There are some organizers who try to improve flash mob conditions in Georgia. They try to make it more frequent, creative and fun. Here is an interview with some people who do care about flash mob in Georgia:

 – Let’s start with your name.
– Luka Metreveli
 – You are one of the flash mob organizers in Georgia. I would like to ask you some questions. What is flash mob?
– Flash mob is a great event, which gives people an opportunity to have fun. The idea is that people can create something from nothing with their bare hands.
 – Why did you decide to organize a flash mob personally?
– I just wanted to make passive people be part of something funny and joyful.
 – Did you manage it?

 – I hope, yes. I really was not expecting so many people. As it seems my idea was worth of trying.

 – Was your flash mob different from others?
– Yes, because it was personally my idea.
 – What was the difference?

 – It was not like other flash mobs. It was an imitation of people standing on the stage with instruments in their hands. They were playing hits of 70’s Rock. People did well too. Nothing like this had happened before. The most important part of this kind of events is creativity.

 – Where there any kinds of problems during organizing this event?
– Only problem was that I did not get equipment, which I needed. So I had to use equipment with less quality, which was not quite satisfying for 200 people.

 – Many people in Georgia say that flash mobs here are not successful, because organizers do not do well. What can you tell us about it?
– I think, it is not organizers but people. People also should be organized, but they do not think about it themselves. In fact, these flash mobs are very artificial. Even by clothes people can judge they are coming from the same company. But still it is just the start.
 – And the last question: are you going to organize more flash mobs? 
– It depends. At first I will see if people are ready for it, if yes, I have some ideas.
 – Thank you for interview
– Thank you, it was my pleasure.
There also are some more flash mob organizers in Georgia and one of them is Zura Tsilosani.

 – Why would you want to be a flash mob organizer?
– Because by organizing a flash mob, you are doing something different, original. Of course it also needs a good organizing skills but unfortunately I cannot see it in Georgian flash mobs yet.
 – Why do you think that Georgian flash mobs are not well organized?

 – Because of people. They never do what they are told to. After everything is ruined and a flash mob becomes not funny, but lame.

 – Can you give us one example?

 – Let’s take death flash mob. At first people were late for half an hour. Then no one knew where they had to “die”, so they fell on terrible places. The second fall was not that horrible. After that, they fell in every two meters. Another point is that, the crew should not walk all together. They have to be scattered among common people, otherwise everyone will understand what is going on. Also operators, they are running among people, it is obvious that something is up to happen. They should somehow take videos from hidden places.

 – Besides good organizing, is there anything that should be improved for good flash mobs?

 – Nothing else. Flash mob does not require anything else. It is just people who do not do everything correctly. 

 – Why are flash mobs actually made in Georgia? Is it just for fun?
– Yes, in Georgia it is just another place for people’s meetings.
 – So you do not make any kinds of protests by flash mobs?
– No, I do not think so.
 – What is people’s reaction while watching flash mob?
– I think that many people have already got accustomed that it is just another “childish little joke”. Probably they are just surprised why people do this kind of a thing.
 – And the last question: how will your flash mobs be different from other ones?
– I am not going to do freeze or death flash mobs, which are made almost always. If I will have an idea of making something different I will definitely make it.
 – Thank you for the interview. 

Take part in flash mobs, have fun and express yourself!

By Mariam Charkviani & Nessie Nikouradze


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