Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal!

ImageImagine walking into the store and hearing the same old Christmas classic that you have already heard ten million times. In every single store in this country, every single winter. You just can’t take it anymore, so you run out of the store into the cold weather, crying your eyes out, because you just can’t take another minute of Mariah Carey singing that all she wants for christmas is YOU. (We get it Mariah, stop it already.)

Okay, I know, that was pretty dramatic, but I have to say, as much as I love Christmas songs, sometimes new piece of music is all a person wants. That is why I offer you a playlist along with some tips to find new christmas music.

First of all, I suggest you to check out music websites. They always have news, so you’ll know when a new christmas single is coming out. Plus they make playlists for almost every holiday, so you are introduced to a lot of new bands.

Secondly, go and visit websites of your favorite songwriters. You might find out that they have a Christmas single and even an album, that you have never listend to before. For example, The Killers have a tradition to write a Christmas song every year. A lot of 90’s bands have Christmas LPs too, so search around on internet.

Thirdly, SEARCH FOR COVERS. you might find an amazing cover of your favorite Christmas classic, that you’re going to love. Search for covers on youtube, you never know what you might find.

So here are few albums I suggest: if you’re feeling sad check out the bright eyes album. Zooey Deschanel’s band she & him recently released a really good album. Finally, if you’re really tired of christmas, don’t forget that there’s always this song to listen to.

and here is the playlist I made for this Christmas/New year. It’s a mix of classics and some new tracks.

P.S. The title is from here! If there is one thing I love about christmas, it’s watching Home Alone movies.

by Mariam Tsetskhladze


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