School Life #1


,,GAZETTE has to get more lively,

,,Our blog gives us many opportunities,

,,There are so many special moments every single day, and we can not write articles on all of them now, for the first time in the history of GAZETTE, we decided to


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Newspaper VS Blog

Newspaper VS Blog that is the question. I guess everyone’s interested in why we decided to go from paper to cyber. Whose idea was it, what are the benefits of the blog, why the newspaper version needed improvement in the first place, etc. How about we all think back to last year, the freshmen can just judge the situation according to the state of things so far this year. How many times have you actually held a newspaper in your hands and read it ? Once, twice, not at all? And if you read every edition that came out, were there that many of them first place? There were not. Continue reading

New Project: Achrdili (the Ghost)

Have you heard the news? On Friday 9th, AAT started a new project called “Achrdili” each session of which will last for about an hour. The format of the project is similar to that of TV talk shows with 10 main participants that lead the discussion. Anyone can be among these 10 people. All you have to do is visit the office and offer your candidacy. The first topic of the discussion was “Usage of insulting words among friends.” There is a special group on Facebook, where you can share your ideas and contribute to the development of the project. For more details we interviewed our  teacher of Georgian literature Nino Gambashidze: Continue reading

D….d…..d….d.. Well, December the 3rd!

On the cold winter day, when everything was freezing outside, when it was too dark to see anything without the car lights on and when all the seniors where so tired after this long long week… nearly no one was in bed. Almost all of us (except of course for some lucky people who had decided  to apply to European universities) were standing outside on ZANDUKELI street and freezing. Before I describe what happened on this particular day I want to list several points about how the SAT test day works for the mmmagnificent class of ….2012…. .

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Advice from GZAAT graduates

Living and studying abroad can seem rather tough. Before going off to college, seniors often feel nervous, confused, and uncomfortable at the thought of starting a new, independent life. An endless amount of questions arise while thinking about this huge change in lifestyle. As we all know, “experience is the best teacher.” So, we decided to ask some of our graduates (who have gone through this experience) a few questions about living and studying abroad. Continue reading