Flash Mob

So, what is a Flash Mob?
A Flash Mob is a large group of people who gather at a public location to perform an action, which will surprise accidental witnesses. This performance should contain a certain political message, which people have to guess. After the task is completed they disappear as though nothing has happened. They are usually organized through internet, by social networks, emails, websites, etc. Organizers, of course, provide instructions for participants in a virtual world. These instructions include the date, time, and location, where it is going to be completed and an action which is going to be performed. Everyone can be a participant of this event. Age, sex, origin, none of these matters. One can just go there with friends and have fun.

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New Project: Achrdili (the Ghost)

Have you heard the news? On Friday 9th, AAT started a new project called “Achrdili” each session of which will last for about an hour. The format of the project is similar to that of TV talk shows with 10 main participants that lead the discussion. Anyone can be among these 10 people. All you have to do is visit the office and offer your candidacy. The first topic of the discussion was “Usage of insulting words among friends.” There is a special group on Facebook, where you can share your ideas and contribute to the development of the project. For more details we interviewed our  teacher of Georgian literature Nino Gambashidze: Continue reading