12th Tbilisi International Film Festival

All filmgoers and not only, unite! As December knocks on the door, we are reminded that Tbilisi International Film Festival is again taking place. Living in a city where not much happens, the international festival that unites the art of several countries can be considered as a big boom. Many of us have been watching Oscars or Golden Globes wishing to be there some day, but the bitter truth is that most of us will never be able to be there. But do not be disappointed friends, you have a nice alternative; you can visit Amirani Cinema from December 6 until 11 and see some of the acclaimed, as well as not very acclaimed movies. The festival program incorporates variety of films from different countries, including France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Russia, etc. The program for the Festival offers variety of choices, from widely acclaimed Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre to less known movies.


Have you ever felt as if you were watching your life from aside, sitting on the bench and watching as it passes by? As if you see your mistakes, your happiness and your tears. Surprisingly, music of a certain band can make a person experience this feeling and one of those bands is called Landmark. For several years, Landmark has been creating the music, which is unique for Georgia and not only for Georgia, but for the whole world. The conception of Georgian music nowadays is quite mistaken, because when someone says “Georgian Music” everyone imagines Lela Tsurtsumia standing on the stage. But few know that there are bands, which are created in Georgia, by Georgian people and they are the ones who break the misconception of “Georgian Music”. Surely, Landmark is one of these bands. It is always better to get to know about the band directly from one of its members rather than through someone’s words, so let’s see what the lead singer of Landmark, Baski can tell us:

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